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The Swans at Cushendun



Trauma on the river!


Sunday 9th May

A local lady and her husband saw the adult male swan fly into the electric wires and fall heavily to the ground. It was stunned and hurt but eventually made it into the water.  A phone call was made to the USPCA to ask advice and the Police came. 


Tuesday 11th May 

Another call was made to the USPCA as the swan, although floating on the river, seemed to be hurt and possibly blind. However on Tuesday evening the swan was able to get out of the water and sit at the nest and by the end of the week, it was doing well.  We let the USPCA know and they asked that we kept an eye on it and let them know if there was any change. Gladly everything went swimmingly!!


New Life on the river!


Saturday 5th June

A local young lady observed a small head beside the mother swan and then obligingly the mother stood up and another head appeared!


Monday 7th June 

Sadly only one cygnet seems to have survived. It followed Mum to the water and tumbled in. Father joined them so they took it for a short swim to the other side of the river then supported it as it made its way back up to the nest and immediately started to preen itself.


The cygnet (‘Solo’) now accompanies its parents on the river and is doing well!


Marie Mort


The Swans at Cushendun


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Excitement rippled around Cushendun in the month of May when it was discovered that the two Swans who have graced our River for a few years, had nested and laid three eggs.


Around the 15th June, two cygnets arrived safe and well. They are now accompanying their parents down to the mouth of the River to feed.


Sitting at the side of the River, the other evening, I watched countless parents with children come to view, feed and photograph the Swan family.


 The Swan parents tentatively took their young close to the riverbank to collect the titbits thrown to them.


One would say they knew “on which side their bread was buttered.”


One day some people were anxiously looking over the bridge as only the two adult Swans could be seen.


Suddenly one head then another popped up from the mother’s back, the young birds then hopped off into the water to feed!!


Visitors to Cushendun are enjoying this local attraction and adding them to their holiday photographic memories.


Marie Mort






1st July

The Cygnets are now over two weeks old and beginning to look a bit like Ducks in size. They still go onto their parent’s backs and are being taken out into the Bay. The

bridge was undergoing some structural work but this didn’t worry the swans – just more bread to eat – as they swam

close to the workmen.


24th July

Another three weeks has meant a great difference to the Cygnets, they have got so much bigger and their necks are starting to get longer. Danny Kaye’s song “The Ugly

Duckling” could have been written for them but these two will not be told to “Get out of Town”. Mother, Father and Cygnets now swim across the Bay to Rockport.


11th August

The Cygnets are now almost half the size of their parents although one is slightly smaller – could this be the female. Their fluffy down is making way for feathers – which they preen – and they are beginning to exercise their wings. The parent swans are now less protective as I noticed the two Cygnets swim up to the bridge with Mum and Dad

watching from a distance.


25th September

How the Cygnets have grown. They are now almost as big as their parents but at the minute, lack the white feathers but that will be the next stage.




Local Flora & Fauna


Photos by

Linda Beaven







18th October

The two cygnets Conn and Fionnula are now able to fly!! When they are flying, the white feathers on their backs can be

clearly seen.

It will be sometime yet before they have their complete adult white plumage. The parents take them every day for a swim and fly out in the



4th November

Before noon, approximately 8 swans were seen flying over the village towards Ballycastle mountain. Later on our Swans

were nowhere to be seen, so it was assumed that they might have jointed the others. No, they were back in the evening, after visiting a garden in the Glendun Road.

The lady and her grandson kindly fed them some bread before they made their way back down the river – That will be another visit in the future. The Swans seen flying over the village were also seen swimming on Loughareema.


8th November

We have been duly informed that all four Swans now come up on to the harbour and eat from the hand!