Cushendun & District Development Association







Cushendun and District Development Association was formed in February 1993 as a result of local people expressing a desire to be actively involved in the process of rural development in the area.


The Association was envisaged as a vehicle whereby Cushendun and its District community could play a leading role in matters affecting their lives and the environment in which they live.






Cushendun is an area of outstanding natural beauty and part of it falls within a Conservation area.


There is no industrial base and the potential for development as a tourist resource is as yet untapped.


The economy of the area is based primarily on livestock farming with a general lack of other employment prospects, although in the last few years, people are going into bed and breakfast / self-catering businesses.


The needs of young people in terms of employment, housing and recreation require serious attention.




Aims of The Development Association


To encourage social, recreational and cultural activities

To work for increased employment

To promote tourism

To address environmental issues

To liaise between organisations in the area

To conserve local traditions and heritage of the area



Past Initiatives


Erection of a work of Art to commemorate the tragedy of the Foot and Mouth disease.

Erection of Anniversary Stone

Publication of booklet for tourists.

Publication of local newsletters.


Environmental Projects


We organise 'Litter Lifts'

We raise awareness of the over use of plastic bags.

We are responsible for planting bulbs and flowers



Current initiatives


Provision of playground

Riverside walks

Maintenance of website

Supporting youth club

Townlands Project

News Letter

Whist Drives

Events in the Village and Marquee

Adult Education Classes