Cushendun & District Development Association









Cushendun and District Development Association was formed in February 1993 as a result of local people expressing a desire to be actively involved in the process of rural development in the area.


The Association was envisaged as a vehicle whereby Cushendun and its District community could play a leading role in matters affecting their lives and the environment in which they live.






Cushendun is an area of outstanding natural beauty and part of it falls within a Conservation area.


There is no industrial base and the potential for development as a tourist resource is as yet untapped.


The economy of the area is based primarily on livestock farming with a general lack of other employment prospects, although in the last few years, people are going into bed and breakfast / self-catering businesses.


The needs of young people in terms of employment, housing and recreation require serious attention.





Aims of The Development Association

  • To encourage social, recreational and cultural activities

  • To work for increased employment

  • To promote tourism

  • To address environmental issues

  • To liaise between organisations in the area

  • To conserve local traditions and heritage of the area




Past Initiatives

  • Creation ( website for the middle glens which promotes the area and takes bookings for accommodation.

  • Erection of a work of Art to commemorate the tragedy of the Foot and Mouth disease.

  • Erection of Anniversary Stone

  • Publication of booklet for tourists.

  • Publication of local newsletters.


Environmental Projects

  • We organise 'Litter Lifts'

  • We raise awareness of the over use of plastic bags.

  • We are responsible for planting bulbs and flowers



Current initiatives

  • Tourist Web Site.  (

  • Provision of playground

  • Riverside walks

  • Maintenance of website

  • Supporting youth club

  • Townlands Project

  • News Letter

  • Whist Drives

  • Events in the Village and Marquee

  • Adult Education Classes





Present Committee

Chair            Cassie O'Neil

Vice Chair     Claire Dunn

Treasurer      Stephen Cambell

Secretary      Alister McIlhaton


Committee Members

Briege Convery

Roisin Hamilton

Harriet McKay

Bridget Scalley-Millar

Linda Beaven

Marie Mort

Danny Beaven



The committee meets usually on the 1st Monday of the month.




For more information about Cushendun please visit the following sites: